Registration Office
The Currency Exchange Office
Trade Embassy
Department of Security
Department of Counter Intelligence
Department of Aircity Engineers
Military Orders and Awards
Temporal Excursion Office
Welcome to the Ministry of Steam. With the rapid expanse of interest in the steampunk universe, we realized something was missing. Something to tie in all the disparate groups and make it easier for them to interact despite different conventions and modes of communication. And we realized what that something was: bureaucracy.

Please select the deparment you wish to visit for details about services and updated records. If you are entering Ministry of Steam controlled air, land, or sea space for the first time, please visit the Registration Office. Octavians are the standard currency in Ministry territory, and can be attained from the Currency Exchange Office.

For you convenience, we have a mobile office available to come to you.

As with most bureaucracies, we are constantly in transition and under construction. Some offices may not be available yet.

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